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ivf price

Goodday, kindly inform me the cost and duration of ivf/icsi in your
clinic. I have had 3 failed ivfs here in Nigeria.My husband is diagnosed
with low sperm count.i would appreciate a feedback.Thank you

Thank you for the information you sent. It seems that you have a repeated implantation failure. For such a case, you should have some investigations and maybe some treatment accordingly. Also please do not forget to send all
the medical reports ( including the recent HSG ) to give us more clear idea about you.
Firstly, I recommend an diagnostic hysteroscopy and endometrial biopsy to understand if there is any macroscopic and microscopic obstacle to interfere with the attachment of the embryo. Some treatment modalities may be discussed after that. Also a genetic analysis ( chromosome analysis ) from both of you would be helpful. Secondly, repeating an IVF/ICSI trial after mechanical endometrial stimulation with blastocyst transfer may be helpful for you.