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Hi everyone, I am Dr. Selman.

Today I am gonna talk about the cost of IVF abroad.

At Medicana Fertility Centre, we understand that the cost of IVF treatment can sometimes be a huge financial burden and usually a major source of stress. This is the reason why many couples decide to go abroad for their fertility journey.

But there are some things that need to be taken into your account before going ahead.

To have an idea of the cost of IVF abroad in total, please take a look at our video.


What is the average cost for IVF?

In the United States, for example, you would expect to spend an average of 10,000 to 15,000 USD for one cycle of IVF if you're using your own eggs and your partner's sperms. The total amount you'll pay depends on how much medicine you will use, in which state you live, and whether your insurance cover for fertility treatments.

Similarly, for the British couples, who are not covered by the NHS, the average cost for IVF is around £ 5000 or maybe even higher.

IVF cost abroad vary between countries and treatment types. Furthermore, within each country, you may find significant differences between clinics which are more confusing.

In Medicana Istanbul, we offer IVF treatment at a cost of almost half of these prices.

But, how is it possible ? Are we giving lower quality service… is our success rate lower ?

Of course not..

I can proudly say that and we have highly skilled, internationally educated English speaking staff and our lab is equipped with cutting edge technology devices.

And most importantly, our pregnancy rates are in European standards.

Main reason for the lower prices is that IVF centers in Turkey are working with lower profit margins. Similarly, the medicines are allowed to be sold only with prices defined by the government so the profit margin with the medicines is also lower than in Europe.

Of course global drug companies are not happy with this but this is the reality at the moment.

With the devaluation of TL last year, due to currency changes, IVF prices in Turkey became cheaper as with everything did.. of course only for the foreigners.

For example, comparing with the prices in UK, in Istanbul you can get a coffee for half the price and a coke for just a third of the price while a small bottle of water is just 15 pence compared to £1.0 or more in London.

Ok. what about accommodation during the treatment period ?

We also offer different options for that.

You may prefer to stay in a hotel nearby that fits your budget and pay for yourselves or staying in a fully furnished flat included in the full package.

If you choose the “full package” option, you will just arrange your time table and buy your flight tickets.

You can be sure that there is no hidden cost in our Centre.

Finally, Istanbul is a phenomenal unique city, sprawling on two continents Asia and Europe across the Bosphorus, stunning scenery with mosques and magnificent structures and so much history to delve into. Because you will definitely have enough time to tour around Istanbul to discover the beauties as a Tourist during your treatment period.


So, why don’t you try IVF abroad with affordable prices in Medicana ? Contact us if you would like to learn more about our fertility services.

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