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One of the main obstacles for trying IVF abroad, having to stay away from home and your job for three weeks. Medicana offers you a solution for that.

Total Freezing of the embryos and transferring later will give higher success rates and save your time when you try IVF abroad.

In a classical IVF cycle, embryos are transferred to the woman’s womb a few days after the egg retrieval in the same cycle as a fresh transfer. Remaining good quality embryos are frozen for use in case treatment does not work or to try for another child.

Following up the follicular development generally takes about 9 to 10 days and you need another 5 to 6 days to end the treatment cycle with embryo transfer after the egg retrieval. So, classically, it takes about 18 to 20 days to complete an IVF cycle with embryo transfer if you start stimulation at the beginning of your period.

This concept is now changing because embryo freezing techniques have improved greatly. More data is accumulating about the success of the frozen embryo transfers. Frozen-thawed embryos are transferred to a more physiologically receptive womb when the thickness of the endometrium (lining of your uterus) is right. It also gives you the chance of checking the embryos genetically and avoids the possible risks of hyperstimulation which can sometimes be potentially dangerous.

So, it seems more logical now to split the treatment cycle into two parts. This approach will also give you the chance to save time for treatment. Because we know that it is not easy to spend 20 days abroad away from your home and job.

For the first part, you will spend about 10 days in the clinic and you are free to return home the next day after egg retrieval. Male partner can come later even for one day when the eggs are collected. Your embryos will be observed in our lab for five days and be frozen at the fifth day as blastocysts.

For the frozen embryo transfer, only the candidate mother is needed for a few days.

And finally, the transfer of the frozen embryos is free of charge!


We want you to succeed in this endeavour without spending too much money and time away from home.

So, why not try IVF in Medicana? Contact us if you would like to learn more about our fertility services.

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