Embryo Glue

IVF technology is considered one of the most useful technical and scientific procedures today for having a baby and it offers the highest chance of success per cycle.

Certainly, the success of in vitro fertilization and embryo transfer (IVF-ET) is contributed by many factors, which include the couples’ profile, uterine pathology, drug protocols, laboratory conditions, embryo quality and embryo transfer technique. Implantation of the embryo still remains the key factor for IVF success. For implantation to occur, a genetically normal blastocyst (day 5 embryo) should attach and invade a well-synchronized endometrium, under the influence of Oestrogen and Progesterone hormones. 

However, repeated implantation failure despite of transfer of good-quality embryos still continues to be a dilemma. The implementation of effective and simple treatment protocol for a satisfactory pregnancy rate in assisted reproduction is very important especially in the case of previous unsuccessful attempts.

Since the beginning of successful IVF trials, multiple researches were done in an attempt to increase the success rate for a healthy pregnancy and delivery.

One of these researches that were declared on is Embryo Glue (1-5 ).

As its name suggests, EmbryoGlue is claimed to increase the rate at which embryos implant or stick to the uterus after transfer.

What is embryo glue?

Traditionally, the medium that is used for embryo transfer has been similar or identical to the solution used for growing the embryos. However, the introduction of EmbryoGlue is purported to bring about a dramatic increase in the rate at which embryos implant after transfer.

There may be several important points to the use of EmbryoGlue. The key component is an enzyme called hyaluronan, which has been shown to increase rates of implantation and fetal development in humans. Hyaluronan is naturally found enzyme in follicular fluids, the fallopian tubes and the uterus, so it is thought to provide a more ‘natural’ environment for the embryos. Hyaluronan production in the uterus is at its highest at the time of embryo implantation, and the enzyme promotes cell to cell contact between the embryo and the uterus. It also dilates the uterine blood vessels, increasing blood supply to the uterus. Lastly, hyaluronan is a viscous sticky solution that more closely resembles the natural secretions of the uterus.

This material is responsible for preparing the uterus to receive the fetus just before implantation and during incubation.It also contains other nutrients such as albumin, water and bicarbonates, all these ingredients helps to nourish the fetus from the moment of transfer till implantation.In conclusion, embryo glue seems to increase the pregnancy rate as compared to cases without using embryo glue, and it helps also in the continuity of pregnancy.

The success stories about embryo glue are encouraging. It’s still relatively new. Research into its benefits is continuing. But if you’ve had failed IVF attempts, or issues with implantation, we recommend using it in addition to standard IVF.


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