How to simply increase your chance of getting pregnant..

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Take it easy, don’t overdo it, and think POSITIVE!!!

Both men and women can make simple  lifestyle changes that may increase their chances of conceiving: 
Because there is an increasing body of evidence that lifestyle factors can impact on reproductive performance.

Eat healthily

A balanced and mostly organic diet will help ensure your body is healthy enough to become pregnant and nourish a developing baby.

 A healthy diet can also help to keep sperm production at optimum levels. Being overweight can make you less likely to become pregnant, so making changes to your diet can help to improve your chances. This is because fat increases the amount of estrogen produced by the body. Since 30% of estrogen comes from fat cells, having higher levels of fat leads to an increased production of estrogen, which can affect ovulation, menstruation and fertility. Obesity also increases the risk of being resistant to insulin, which results in the body’s overproduction of insulin, a process that in turn prevents ovulation.
Don’t eat fatty foods. Step away from the cheese cake, burgers and fries. Getting nutrient dense foods is vital to producing healthy eggs and promoting implantation of the embryo. 
It is also recommended that all women trying for a baby should take 400mcg of folic acid a day to help prevent neurologic malformations in your child.

Drink wisely

Alcohol may affect fertility and sperm quality (as well as affecting your weight), so try to limit your drinking to the maximum of: two – three units a day.
Those couples who drink more than 5 alcoholic beverages a week took longer to conceive.

Exercise regularly

Regular, moderate exercise of around 30 minutes a day helps to maximise your fitness and keep your weight in control.  A moderate exercise program should be formulated with the supervision of a physician so as to minimize health complications associated with obesity. Exercises can include walking, swimming, cycling, etc. Exercise reduces high stress levels, which are linked to the development of cardiovascular diseases and depression, which can in turn negatively affect ovulation and menstruation. Some people find relaxation techniques or complementary therapies also help them relax. 

Quit smoking

The effects of smoking on fertility for both males and females are numerous. Studies have shown that traces of harmful substances in tobacco products can be found in the eggs of females and testicles of males. It is also a factor in premature or low birth-weight babies. 
Quitting smoking may help to improve your chances of conceiving and having a healthy baby. Illegal drugs such as marijuana and cocaine should be completely avoided.

Keep cool

The testes should be a couple of degrees cooler than the rest of your body for maximum sperm production. 
It’s not clear whether wearing loose-fitting underwear and trousers, and avoiding activities such as saunas and hot showers will help, but some studies seem to suggest that it might be beneficial.

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