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The technique involves selecting the best quality sperm cells from the semen sample given by the male partner, and injecting them directly into the eggs retrieved from the female, thereby increasing the probability of fertilization and pregnancy.

IMSI is a method examining sperm cells under a high-magnification microscope about 15 times more powerful than standard laboratory equipment, to select a genetically good quality sperm, without causing any damage to its nature. This technique allows us to examine morphologic characteristics of the sperms in detail.

Using Standard techniques, sperm is magnified maximum 400 times. At this level, general characteristics of sperm cells can still be seen ( head, tail, neck). But not some organelles and vacuoles ( harmful empty spaces ) in the sperm.

Compared to other average IVF techniques, IMSI is significantly more effective than others, with the advantage of selecting good quality sperms by magnifying the image of the sperm 1380-8000 times without harming their morphology.

High powered microscopes are used for this technique, allowing doctors to pick the best and healthiest sperm, which are more likely to produce a healthy embryo with a good chance for fertility. Research has proven that the success rate of IMSI is 25%-40% higher than ICS. With routine ICSI technique, morphologically normal sperms are chosen. This technique does not allow analysis of the DNA. Some genetical and external factors can damage DNA. Especially, when ordinary technique ICSI is applied, risk of choosing unhealthy DNA may be high.. The IMSI technique enables us to pick the healthiest sperms, containing better DNA content.

Using damaged, or faulty DNA, reduces the chance of fertilization. Low quality embryos mean higher risk of abortion, and also some genetic illness, implantation and babies with malformation (abnormalities) 
Faulty DNA means it is impossible to achieve positive results with either IVF or spontaneous pregnancy. 
Abnormal cell metabolism and oxidative stress also may cause some harmful effects in DNA. Smoking, some chemicals, poor air quality, an irregular sex life are also negative factors on the quality of male DNA. This unhealthy DNA can be repaired, and healthy babies may be resulted. But in such cases, it has been identified that abnormalities can appear in babies at a later stage, for example abnormal growth, early ageing and lung and skin tumors. Therefore healthy DNA structure is the key factor in conceiving genetically healthy babies.

In our Center, we use IMSI technique in cases where it is necessary, and do not charge extra for that.

Patients who might benefit with IMSI are

  • Those with sperm demonstrating high degree of DNA fragmentation and / or increased abnormal spermatozoa (teratozoospermia), conditions that often accompany oligoasthenospermia
  • Patients with previous two IVF or ICSI failures
  • Couples with unexplained infertility. 
  • Couples experiencing recurrent IVF failures and / or recurrent biochemical pregnancies / miscarriages

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