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Greetings from Lagos, Nigeria.

Below is our flight details. Kindly make reservation for a resident flat on our behalf for the first four days. The out come of the MTESE will determine if we will stay longer.
Thank you.

As I understand from your mail that you would like to have micro TESE operation first and freeze them if sperm are found. However, for the non-obstructive azoospermia cases, we generally perform micro TESE operation at the same day of egg retrieval. That means, we start the IVF treatment first with the female part and when the eggs are mature, we try to look for the healthy sperms for microinjection. Because the sperms found in the operation cannot always be stored if they are only of small amount. If the magnitude of sperms is enough for freezing, they may be stored and used for future IVF cycles. Otherwise, if we find scanty amount of sperms with micro TESE and freeze them, that does not guarantee that we will find the sperms healthy again when thawed or at a second urgent micro TESE and this may mean losing our chance for fertilization…
Certainly the decision is yours. We may perform the micro TESE operation directly and store them for future IVF cycles if the amount is enough for freezing. 

Please do not hesitate to call or write to us for further information.

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