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and many others…


I have been there at medicana twice
Its very nice experience because everything was very organised from transport,accomodation and treatment in general which made my journey very simple
Thank you all and Allah ill bless you




Dear Prof. Dr. Selman Lasin

Good morning. I hope you and your family are in the best of health.

I would like to thank you for all your help when I came with my wife to your department in Medicana in Istanbul from the UK. I shall always remain very grateful to you for all that you did for us.

My daughter was born on the 01/02/23. 

We shall always remember you in our prayers.

I shall make sure I come and see you when I revisit Turkey.

Many thanks.

Best wishes

Yours Sincerely

Dr. Anonymus.. ( on his will )

Consultant, UEC




It was January 2020 when we decided to come to Medicana international hospital Istanbul for IVF, after 7 years without a child. We would like to thank the whole team especially Yelda sertbas and Dr Selman Lacin for the good work. We started treatment and everything was good only that i had Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome (OHSS) and because of that the Doctor decided not to transfer the embryo and told us to go home and come back after 3 months for frozen embryo transfer but because of financial problems we could not afford to go back to the hospital after 3 months and we decided to take the risk of taking one embryo and it was not successful after pregnancy test. Then in April 2022 we had 2 frozen embryos transferred and it was successful we have triplets (all boys) they are 4 months old now.

M. and D. / Malawi


Hello Dr Selman & Wife ,

I hope that this email finds you both very well . I just wanted to say a big thank you for everything . I had a very hard but good experience with your team , you were all simply amazing . I have the pleasure to announce that my treatment was successful as you may already know and we are expecting a baby Girl . My absolute dream has come true . I want to say a big thank you , May God bless you abundantly. I am very grateful for your great service and compassion. Continue the amazing work .

Thank you .

L. - J.  


Our IVF treatment performed by Dr. Selman. We did a lot of clinical research for our IVF treatment, and finally We found  Dr.Selman Lacin. This was our first try and we were very satisfied with the doctor's qualifications and the service of the staff. The staff were very attentive and we could always reach them and we never had any communication problems.. This left us with a positive impression that everything was fine in the hospital and clinic. I did not feel like I was in the hospital throughout the treatment, thank you very much, I will definitely come back to you again for my second baby.
D. - T.  from Tajikistan

Dear Dr Selman
We are delighted to share the arrival of our gorgeous baby Blyss, who was born on December 19th in the United Kingdom following a successful FET. This is also to say thank you Dr Selman,Yelda for the support and job well done, all the staff at Medicana beylikduzu.
B- O.  from United Kingdom


We really want to thank the team of IVF section in Medicana hospital they have been great. They did a great job we couldn’t have kids for the past 10 years and now Alhamdulillah we have twins and we are over the moon the whole team is absolutely great specially Yalda the translator who would always answer our messages and calls regarding any issues during pregnancy we both would like to thank the whole team specially the doctor and yalda for all their hard work and dedication we suggest Medicana IVF section to everyone and I’m sure you will have a brilliant result like us we are so happy we just can’t thank the doctor and Yalda enough.
A.- G. H.  from Canada


"We are very blessed and happy to announce the birth of our long- waited miracle baby, our son. It all happenned only with the help of amazing team of professionals of Medicana Hospital. We flew across the USA as we knew that Turkey had a great reputation in success IVF treatments and it was open to medical tourism. After long research we decided to contact Medicana Hospital as we read good reviews about Dr. Selman and his team, and from the first email till now we had no regrets and great communication with our patient coordinator Yelda. We were scared of language barrier but Dr. Fatma and Dr. Selman speak English fluently, so it made us more comfortable through our journey. Plus we had an opportiunity to see great country and enjoy its culture. Everityme I look at my baby boy I feel so thankful that there are such professionals who can make miracles happen. I definetely recommend everyone to come to Medicana for their medical advise and if needed treatment.
Thanking all of you. Sincerel your, Nora and Al from USA


I would like to thank the Medicana IVF Center team for helping me and my husband. They have made our experience easy and hassle free, something I never expected.

I have to admit that I was very nervous and it was a very smooth experience. The team was very pleasant , they explain everything you need to know. All the doctors, nurses and staff are very nice, .
I would like to thank Dr. Zaki Duman, Dr. Salman and Dr. Ayson with my love and respect for you and I thank Miss Rawan for the assistance and provided by her and thank you for making my first experience in the ivf process
is not only convenient, easy and successful as well.
I am glad to say i'm pregnant for three weeks.
Thank you again, there are not enough words to explain my gratitude Thanks to all the doctors again, with many thanks and respect to Miss Rawan.
Mrs. Samira 


I had a secondary infertility that our only chance to conceive was via IVF only. We were recommended by a friend to use IVF treatment at Medicana Hospital and it was among the best decision we have ever made in our life as we delivered a beautiful second born baby girl in August 2019 via IVF treatment. Medicana hospital is a big hospital with a floor dedicated to IVF treatment, their staff are very professional from the Dr, Nurses and the International relation officer who both attended us beyond our expectations. We are very happy and thankful for the journey we had and special thanks to the entire IVF treatment team from the receptionist, Laboratory, Nurses, Dr's and everyone involved for their invaluable care and support. We would surely recommend IVF treatment at Medicana Hospital to those in need for their bets hospitality.

M.& F. From Tanzania


Dear Medicana Staff
I would like to express my deepest gratitude and appreciation for all that you have done for my family. Your professionalism and attention to details is unmatched.
We contacted many clinics here in the United States of America, the process was simply unaffordable for us. We looked at other options overseas, so we called clinics in Mexico, Spain and one in France. They were appealing price wise, but they had low success rates. One day I was on Facebook, I saw a random post from someone who just got back from turkey after going through a successful IVF process at Medicana. I connected with her and she told me about their experience. We decided right away to contact Medicana and initiate the process.
We contacted the clinic via e-mail, and we got a detailed e-mail back. Ms Yelda who is the clinic coordinator is patient and knows the process. She coordinated the hotel reservation and airport pickup. We just sent her the flight information and the driver was at the airport waiting for us (our flight arrived at 1 am).
Dr Selman, his wife Dr Aysun and Dr Fatma work as a team. They are extremely pleasant to talk to and very competent in what they do. After each ultra sound, we would get detailed information about follicles sizes and injection and monitoring plan going forward. Ms Yelda was always there to explain in case we did not understand something. Her knowledge of English and IVF process made easy for us to navigate through the process.
After each ultra sound if there is a change in medication dosage, Ms Yelda would let the nurses know. The nurses at the clinic were extremely nice, I developed a good relationship with all of them. They always have a smile on their faces.
Our experience was a good one. The process was successful and now we have an adorable baby boy who filled our lives with joy. The pregnancy went really well but not without some anxiety.
My advice to anyone who is thinking about IVF to go for it. The price we were quoted, that is the price we paid. NO HIDDEN FEES. We are planning to go back for another round when our son is about 1 year old.
Finally, I would like thank Dr Selman, Dr Aysun, Dr Fatma and of course Ms Yelda. May GOD bless them all and fill their lives with joy.
With much love and respect…
A & L from USA.


Dr Laçin & Yelda
I'm writing this email as a very big thank you for the amazing work you do for couples that want babies and as patient testimonial.
I'm so glad that I did more research and found you through it. If we were left up to having to only do IVF here in America, we wouldn't have been able to afford it and we wouldn't have our beautiful baby boy, who just turned 2 months old! You made traveling out of the country for a procedure seem effortless and definitely not a scary process.
Your facility is amazing, and the all inclusive package deal you have is, truly, unbeatable. America puts a high stigma on traveling abroad for anything, but it's truly no different from being here. I have recommended several couples to travel to your facility for one reason or a other, one has actually already been!

Thank you again for the amazing work you do for us couples struggling with infertility.

A.K.  / United States


I would sincerely like to thank the Medicana Fertility team for helping me and my family in our journey with infertility. They made the whole experience easy and hassle free - something which I was not expecting! Having heard a lot of horror stories about IVF I must admit that I was very nervous but they made the experience very pleasant. The team is very kind and caring and explain everything that you need to know. All my questions and queries were always answered! All the doctors, nurses and staff are GREAT and extremely kind.

The hospital is beautiful, clean and follows all the standards that you would expect from a top hospital.

Thank you for making my first time IVF experience not only relaxed and easy but a SUCCESS! We are happy to say that we are 17 weeks pregnant! Something I did not think would be possible with my low AMH. We will definitely be returning.

Thank you all once again, there are not enough words to express my gratitude.

Thank you Yelda and everyone once again ? you all really did help me so much throughout the whole experience and I can’t thank you enough. In shaa Allah I will be back in a year or so! So I hope you can help me achieve another miracle god willing!! 

Lots of love,
Mr & Mrs M / UK


We are a couple from Jordan has been trying to conceive for over 8 years. We decided to go for the IVF. We consulted Dr. Suleiman and he was very helpful and provided us with all required information. Helpful staff at medicana including Ms Yelda and Dr. Fatima were online step by step and never refused to give us any support. Although the first IVF was negative but we had successful frozen embryo transfer after, and we are waiting for our baby to arrive in few months. We would highly recommend Medicana for all in all infertility treatments for its cleanliness, helpful and professional staff.

Mr & Mrs A./ Jordan


Dear Medicana Staff,
Thank You so much for your professionalism, support and positive attitudes. Everyone was friendly, caring and warm.the doctores: Dr.Fatma and Dr.Selman, the nurses and of course Yelda, the coordinator.
Yelda, the clinic coordinator was very patient and helpful, she treated us with kindness and answered all our inqueries.
We had such a positive experience at Medicana Clinic and our dream of a child is coming true. We are pleased to say that after the first cycle of IVF , I gave birth to a beautiful and healthy baby boy .
Thank you so much for all the help you’ve provided us during the course of our treatment.
I would highly recommended Medicana Clinic to anyone struggling to have a baby .
Wishing you all the best!



Hi both,
We are happy to inform you that we have been blessed with a health baby girl. Our girl was born on the 27th September 2018. Thank you and your team for the wonderful care and service that you provided us. You helped to make our dream come true.
May God continue to bless the work of your hospital. We pray many other couple will be blessed as we are.

J and K from Tanzania




Dear Dr selman
Special thanks to Dr Selman Dr Fatma and Yelda for all of your support and correspondence.
This is our journey.
We have been a couple trying for 10yrs with several failed attempts in the UK. With little hope left we started searching, reading reviews and Testimonies. We emailed Dr Selman in 2016 and he responded with detailed steps and advice after taking time to read all our notes. We arrived in the clinic for treatment and during the treatment we was overwhelmed by the service and care that we had received it was so overwhelming we had never experienced anything like this in the UK. In the UK we was just treated like another number, but in this clinic we was treated like an individual patient and they really wanted us to succeed and have a child. During the treatment they were regular checks for blood test and scans to see if everything is going okay. Ms Yelda was very helpful and was liaising through out the whole process. From arranging our collection from airport to accommodation to all stages from the treatment.
We were delighted and overwhelmed that our dream came true and we were blessed with a healthy baby girl. My advice to any couple in the same situation with little hope is to never give up and take the step to contract this clinic God willing dreams will come true.
Kind Regards
A&A From United Kingdom




Hi Dr Selman
We are writting to thank to all medicana IVF team special thanks to Dr Selman , Dr Fatma Ozkan and Mrs Yelda for all of your support.
After 10 years of waitting trying to convince we found Medicana international ivf center and thank God listen our prayer . It has been long journey to us Alhamdulilah we got possitive result and now i became mother of baby boy.

T&A from Tanzania.









It was early 2016 when we had visited Dr. Selman at his office, as his center was highly recommended to us by my doctor then who had frankly admitted us that IVF process could have been a final trial for us with regards to our dream of having a baby. After his
consultation, he openly told us that I had only %20 posibililty to have pregnancy in any case. We were already determined and ended up with the start of the process. Dr. Selman and his team, during my process of treatment, had shown us an extraordinary care both in terms of personal relations and the followup of the process. It is an unforgettable memory for us that one morning we have had a telephone call saying that we had the pregnancy...
Our son is growing up in a happy and healthy environment and by the time being we are able to dream on about his future. Miracles do not happen as you sit and wait. we made our miracle come true with the help of the competent team of Dr. Selman with whom we will have a life long relation.
Our Son: A.V.T. / SPAIN & TURKEY






Dear Dr. Selman, Dr. Fatma, Dr. Aysun and all of the wonderful Medicana Staff,

Thank You so much for your professionalism, compassionate, informative and positive attitudes. You provided us with smiles, support and hope! Everyone there seems to be friendly, caring and warm.

Dr. Fatma is a lovely human being as well as an excellent doctor.

Yelda, the clinic coordinator is very patient, treating with kindness and clear organized responses to all queries.  

We had such a positive experience at Medicana Clinic and our dream of a child is coming true. We are pleased to say that after the first cycle of IVF we are 8 weeks pregnant! Thank you so much for all the help you’ve provided us during the course of our treatment.

I would highly recommended Medicana Clinic to other struggling couples.

Wishing you all the best!

Sincerely, S & V Romania



Dr Selman Lacin / Dr Fatma Özdemir

So, after almost 18 long heart-breaking years of our lives of trying to conceive with different methods, but never dropped a hope that we are not going to have a baby.

First visits to Medicana International Hospital in Istanbul, in 18 days of time got positive result from Medicana. We are so grateful to Dr Selman Laçin, Dr Fatma Özdemir and all his staff,

I came across Medicana International Hospital in Istanbul, Turkey online. I was impressed with what I saw online of the hospital's infrastructure and the fact that English speaking Dr Selman Laçin (heads up the Department), answered all my email questions quickly and the cost too. Medicana offer a complete package that included airport transfers, accommodation, treatment.

But we have already booked a hotel in Istanbul for 1 week to get to Istanbul and find out more about it. The next day we went to a hospital to find out in person, this made a very good first impression on us.

When we meet an English-speaking lady Yelda Sertbas which she is the who is guiding all foreigner’s patient from all around the world so meet we a lady doctor Fatma which also good English speaking lady and kind too. We were confident that this would be the hospital for us and so we decided to trust in Medicana and Dr Selman Laçin and his staff for our treatment.

When Dr Fatma did some tests so she told us that FSH level is a little bit low which was not a big issue she told us than she started the treatment.

The total treatment took 18 days to be completed so when the treatment was completed so we flew the next day from Istanbul came back to Sweden.

Dr Fatma Toker told us that when you guys go back to Sweden you should do a test after 2 weeks to find out if it is positive or not, when we did the test it was positive so we counted us with those blessing couples which have been blest with a child.

She told us to do a test week 6 to find out the heart bit, so when the 6 weeks was completed so did we a test and alhamdullilah it was positive too. We have got a lot of support from Dr Fatma Toker which she guided us step by step very thankful for that.

Important notice to those who are seeking help and treatment

Never ever drop a hope that you are not going to have a child never give up like us. We always had a hope that one day will come and we will have our own baby in our hands Insha’Allah. We were the only couples that were laughing all the time and keep asking those people which was attending the clinic that how many years they have been married all those people which we asked all of them was stress out every we asked they thought that we are crazy.

We are not crazy we were leaving our lives in happiness do not want to think much but the hope we had always which made us very strong to believe that we are going to be a parent one day Insha’Allah and it is true, now we have got a very nice and blessing baby boy. (mashallah)

We did the same treatment in Sweden at the same cost but no luck.

Medicana is the best and positive place to be treated in human sources Kind staff professional doctors the best thing is that they have a lady doctors too which is a very positive for us Muslims all around the world. Many patients are very sensitive like my Mrs and myself do not want a male doctor.

Especial thanks to all the doctors and staff at Medicana Istanbul, Turkey.

Once again thank you so much for helping us achieve this wonderful gift. We will defiantly be referring all our friends and family members where to do treatment.

Best Regards

M. A, K. and Son M. Abdullah from Sweden


Hi Dr Selmen,
I hope that you are fine and doing well. It has been long journey. Started in Medicana hospital in the blessing office of Dr Selman, baby spent 12 days in the world captial Istanbul and test report says it is a baby, this baby spent thereafter 30 weeks in Jeddah near to holy Makkah, then flew 12 hours to JFK NY US , then slept 24 HRS. Then flew to orlando and on 30 of octaber 2016 , week 39 she born and join our world. Thank you very much to this journey leader Dr Selman and bless him
Our greetings and regards

Y.  and Z. from UAE






Dear Dr. Selman,

I am writing this email to inform you that my twin boys (Ali & Omer) have arrived the day before yesterday.

Alhamdulilah they are doing ok considering that they were born a little early.I just can never thank you enough for all the support you gave during the
whole process and hopefully we can come all together to thank you in person.

Best Regards from Anas as well.

Ghada from IRAQ



Dear Dr. Selman and the entire IVF Medicana staff,

Thank you very much for a positive experience you provide us with, for your professionalism, friendly attitude, support and hope.

After 8 long years of waiting, and trying to conceive, we decided that is time to look and try and IVF treatment, so we came across Medicana International online looking for an IVF clinic.
Walking into an unknown world, we have sent and email to find out more about all the implications of an IVF treatment.
The professional and quick response of Dr. Selman and Mrs. Yelda, made us choose the package offered by Medicana International (all included for treatment and accommodation as well). Only thing we had to paid extra for,were the flights tickets.
In July 2017 we arrived in Turkey, scared and afraid because we didn’t know what to expect for, in an all new adventure for us. 18 days of hope and treatment have brought us where we are today... in a new adventure of life.
37 weeks later from 2nd of July 2017, to be more accurate, 6 days ago :) our son, the angel and the light of our eyes has come to enrich our days.

Thank you very much Medicana Interational and the entire IVF team. We would definitely recommend your clinic and team to everyone looking for a miracle in their lives. :)

D & A from Romania




Dear Dr. Selman
Dear Aysan

Good day to you!

Me and my wife Wafa thank God, you Dr. and your team in Medicana international from the bottom of our hearts on the birth of our first son Hamza; for making it possible for us to have a family life. I have attached a picture of our little baby boy Hamza.

In the near future when we visit Turkey we will definitely come and meet you personally.

Once again we thank you for all your support, guidance, patience and care in this journey of ours.
May Almighty bless you all. Have a great Day!

Best regards,

Mohammed and Wafa from Palestine



To Prof. Dr Selman, Dr Onur and Mrs Aysan Candas and to all concerned staff.

We would like to take this opportunity to extend our most sincere and humble gratitude to our friends Dr Selman, Dr Onur and to Mrs Aysan for their extraordinary and outstanding work. The time and dedication you have invested in making the almost impossible and now a dream come is something that will be heartfelt and never forgotten. Thank you so much.

We are a married couple from overseas living in Turkey for two years due to my employment status. We were aware of the complications my wife was faced with regards to conceiving a child naturally, therefore we had to prepare for the worst possible outcome. However, there was still light shining for us at the end of the tunnel with some room for hope.

It was not long after our research that we had found Medicana. A hospital in Istanbul that has a dedicated department for IVF Treatment. On our arrival to the hospital we were warmly welcomed by the staff and was introduced to Dr Selman for our consultation. As nervous as we were to hear bad news, the doctor and staff reassured us continuously and told us that everything would be OK. It was our opportunity to ask as many questions as we wanted. This made us feel right at home. This was the choice for us.

My wife initially underwent a lot of treatment for IVF preparation. However every visit was reassuring and with the staff we felt completely relaxed knowing we were in the good hands of Doctor Selman, Doctor Onur and Mrs Aysan.

When we were ready to start the IVF treatment, we were given clear and explicit instructions before hand and what to expect. This made us feel at ease with no discomfort whatsoever.
We underwent a freezing process for the embryo, (this was one of the options that was recommended by Dr Selman). This process enabled the the frozen embryo to be thawed and left for a day to become a blastocyst on the fifth day before it was transferred to the the womb. This was a very delicate stage in the IVF process and was timed just perfectly by the dedicated team and the doctors. Of course some pain during the IVF is inevitable, but pain is nothing compared to what the doctors have endured with the responsibility that lies in their hands when going through such a delicate procedure.

It was only ten days later my wife went for a blood check at the hospital. The results showed positive, and my wife was pregnant on her first attempt of IVF treatment. The feeling was unimaginable, the excitement was breath taking and the emotions of happiness were seen through tears from our eyes. What more could we ask for.

So here we are, experiencing new feelings and different emotions. With our continuous visits for regular check ups, Dr Selman, Dr Onur and their lovely assistant Mrs Aysan are still with us for all the support we need. THANK YOU SO MUCH, You truly are angels on our shoulders.

Thank you to all the staff that are so dedicated in the IVF clinic. I'm sure every time you see success you feel the reward and satisfaction in every way.

Science, it is the ongoing discovery of facts, it is revolutionising the world we live in today.

Yours Sincerely

Bharat & Anggun from UK



Dear Dr.Selman And all medicana crew

Good day from iraq.

At First . we would like to thank you from the bottom of heart for the IVF treatment which was successful. Our thanks also to all Medicana IVF center to their efforts introduced to us during last IVF treatment.

Our story with Medicana starts during with my search on internet and Dr.Selman never delay to answer our questions and explanations regarding IVF treatment. Even after embryos transfer we were i. Touch with Dr.selman Lacin and Aysan step by step for any questions we need to know.

At the end and after God's help and the crew of medicana before 5 days i`v got my baby with Indescribable feeling
We would to thanks Dr.Lacin and his team at Medicana hospital , My dream has become a reality, There is not enough words to thank you for what you have given us excellent services accommodation very close to the hospital with wonderful staff specialist and online 24 hours a patient service.I would advise everyone to go to Medicana hospital to achieve his dream with a high success rate and the amazing services.

Thanks a lot Dr.Selman

God bless you.

Ahmed alanny & AWfa , IRAQ




Here is our experience
We are young couples from sweden .. We have one daughter and have been trying for another baby for five years .. Doctors told us ivf was our only hope .. So I started searching for IVF centers .. I wanted professional center with high success rates and good prices .. And I found Medicana intrnational hospital in Istanbul .. When I contacted them they replied right away and made everything clear for me .. They offered me full package with accomidation and I went for it .. They schedualed everything for us and when we arrived at airport the driver was there to pick us up to our appartment .. It was nice appartment in a safe complex .. There was alot of restaurants and markets nearby .. When we went to the hospital Aysan was there to welcome us .. She is very kind and helpful .. She was there for us in every step of the way .. The stuff can speak several languages including English and Arabic .. Dr Salman Lacin is very professional .. He monitored me closely and eased my fears .. He gave me just the right dose of stimulants .. And when it was the right time i had the egg retrival .. I was nervous but Aysan and dr Lacin were there for me and it went smooth .. I was at risk of developing ohss so the doctor decided to freez all the embryos we've got and do the transfer after two month .. It was the best decision ever .. After two months I came back and had the transfer .. It was done by doctor Onur .. He is young , kind doctor and very professional .. The transfer went smoothly .. We transfered two 5 days blast .. And now I am very happy to announce that I'm 13 weeks pregnant with one healthy baby thanks to god and Medicana with its great team ..

M. J. Sweden




We are writing to thank to all Medicana IVF team with special thanks for Dr. Fatma Özdemir and Mrs. Yelda Sertbaş for all their support, care and attention but mostly for their proffesionalism.
I had a very low AMH and almost 40 years old and so, few chances of succes. We took a good advice and searched for the clinic with the highest procentage of pregnancies/cycle and by far, Medicana was the winner. On the first stimulated cycle I had only one follicle growing but against all odds, this was enough and now I am 7weeks pregnant, after just one try.
Thank you from all our heart!!!

A&B Romania



Dear Dr.Selman

Dear Aysan

Good day from Palestine.

First of all we would like to thank you from the bottom of heart for the IVF treatment which was successful.  Our thanks also to all Medicana IVF center to their efforts introduced to us during last IVF treatment. My wife now 4 months pregnant and everything is going in good manner (thanks God)

Our story with Medicana starts during with my search on internet and Dr.Selman never delay to answer our questions and explanations regarding IVF treatment. Even after embryos transfer we were with Dr.selman Lacin and Aysan step by step for any questions we need to know.

At the end and after God's will and ability we would to thanks Dr.Lacin and his team at Medicana. My Wife will deliver with Healthy Baby Insha’Allah on 25/7/2016 . Sure I will let you know. Step by step.

If any partners would like trying the IVF at Medicine International IVF.  I would like to tell them go ahead. You will be happy and satisfied and you will receive great assistance and well reception.

Thanks a lot Dr.Selman

God bless you.

Mohammed & Wafa  , Palestine

For a long time, I and my husband had tried to realize our dream of having a child in several in vitro fertilization centers, without success.
We finally found Medicana International IVF Center where dr. Selman Lacin and the foreign patients representative Aysan were always willing to address our questions and provide advice and support right from the beginning and even now when I'm 15 weeks pregnant.
Our experience with Medicana International IVF Center and the staff was excellent. Being different from other clinics, we had a personalized treatment which gave us the best embryos which we ever had and thanks to which I am now pregnant. My hormones were monitored every other day with blood analysis so I can benefit of the best hormone dosage. Everything went smooth and we transferred 2 embryos out of which I am now pregnant with one healthy baby boy.
Everything was great from the arrival till the end of our journey in Istanbul. The driver took us from the airport to the building where the accommodation was provided. The studio, provided by the clinic, was extraordinary and very close to the clinic, within walking distance.
Thanks again to dr. Selman Lacin, Aysan and all the staff at Medicana.
We recommend couples that have not managed to realize their dream of having a child not to lose hope and contact dr. Selman Lacin and Aysan at Medicana International IVF Center Istanbul.

Maria & Dan, Romania

My wife and I have been trying for a few years and in fact my wife had undergone through a number of failed treatments in the UK. Thanks to Medicana treatments, and with grace of God, we now have a baby daughter from our first try at Medicana.

We decided to use Medicana solely on the basis of the reviews which people who had previously used the Medicana treatment left on this page. So I guess the code of civility says that I should also share our positive experience with anyone who’s considering to seek IVF treatments at Medicana. Our experience was excellent from airport picked-ups, good accommodations to world class treatments not to mention of the cheap (relative to the UK) treatment costs. The hospital has very well-qualified and caring fertility specialists who understood our needs. The doctors quickly understood our needs and put in place a treatment plan for us with a clear timetable. We thank the doctors for their professionalisms and dedications. Ms Aysan is the international face of the hospital. Aysan has excellent communication skills and whenever we needed for her assistants during our stay in Turkey, she was there for us (on phone + emails) this is in despite of her busy schedules. She is extremely helpful and would help you navigate the process.

To sum-up I’d say this: if you’re looking for world class IVF treatments with reasonable prices, then don’t go elsewhere; if you want professional dealings and caring people then Medicana is the place to go. Just give it a go and I’m optimistic that you won’t be disappointed.

Thank you to all Medicana crews for your help, Sincerely, Abdullah from UK

Today is one year after transfer of one our embryo and we are sending the photo of our twin babies (born March 19) for internet page.

Now we can share them with others :) Thank You very much !!! And wish good luck !

K. and V. R. - Lithuania

Dear Dr. Selman & Aysan

We would like to thank you from the bottom of heart for the IVF treatment which was successful in in the last attempt, My Wife and I have struggled with infertility for over 5 years. We went through a very difficult and unsuccessful IVF cycles. I think what you do for a living is amazing. Your job is to laugh in the face of infertility and grow families. I can say "thank you" on behalf of your patients, our story is not the same as the patient before me, our journey has been long, and as tired as I am from talking about it, I hope you take time to listen to my story starts with a perforation on the abdomen due to doctor mistake during Labroscopy procedures which resulted on damaging the fallopian tubes, which makes a normal fertility is impossible and IVF is the only solution, after one attempt of IVF at UAE, we experience unprofessional way of treatment, we left with no option excepet to fly out of UAE to try again in Jordan with three unsuccessful IVFs, the doctor kept trying without being honest to clip the fallopian tubes to stop the infection due to the damage during the labroscopy, till our journey was landed at Istanbul to meet Dr. Selman and his team to say in the first day, we have to clip the fallopian tubes before we go through any IVF procedures, in that day we felt this time we met the honest person that cares about his patient more than money. Then we flew to Germany and did the surgery to clip the fallopian tubes, after that the IVF was successafull with frozen embroyes, and now my wife is pregenant with twins.

This is really great time for us and our family and I can say with full confidence that you are not only the best IVF doctor in Istanbul , but also best motivator , gentleman with a dashing personality.

Sir,we wish you and your entire team along with special thanks to Aysan Candas for this journey and we pray that every patient gets the baby they long for.

T & M -UAE


We have tried IVF treatment 3 times in Germany, but unfortunately all the tests results came as negative .
I searched on the internet about different IVF centers and I have read a lot of good comments about Doctor Selman Lacin and his IVF center.
I decided to come for IVF treatment in Medicana. We tried our treatment there and were really satisfied in all aspects.
We had only one healthy embryo for transfer and doctor Selman said we had about % 70-75 chance for to have a baby. He was right... Now, we have a healthy baby boy. It was not an easy time period for us but at the end, we succeeded.
Doctor Selman Lacin and his team were excellent.

Thanks for everything..

N. V. from Germany

Dear Dr Selman,

After 5 years of struggling with infertility we happy to announce that we are finally pregnant, thanks to you and the IVF team at Medicana.

The amount and care we have received from the moment we sent out the enquiry, to the day we arrived for treatment and during our time there has been outstanding. Everyone is so nice and friendly and rooting for us to succeed.

Special thanks to Aysan who is always willing to go above and beyond the call duty. You have not only been our  coordinator but have become someone who we consider a friend.

No amount of words can express how we appreciate you guys and the work you tirelessly do.

To anyone who is considering coming to Medicana please dont hesitate you will be in hands and receive the utmost care!! Plus you can also make it a holiday. Istanbul is a beautiful city, full of history and good food . There is lots to do in between hospital appointments

A & E - Tanzania


Dear Dr Selman and Team,

My husband and I have been trying to have a baby for the last 8 years and due to me having Underactive Thyroid and pituitary issues. I found out I was not ovulating and various medication my Gynaecology department in the UK recommended were unsuccessful. So they said the only option I had left was to try IVF but I had to pay for it privately.

Thus I began my research on the internet and came across Medicine International IVF Centre, I made the initial contact by filling in the form and I received a prompt reply from Aysan Candas she advised me to send all my medical record to the Dr Selman. After the Dr analysed my medical file he reassured me that my chance of getting pregnant will be around 60-65 % with two blastocyst transfer. I felt I had hope at long last and I felt very reassured and happy despite my age of being 33 years old I thought my time was running out. Also Dr Selman was very familiar with women whom had similar medical condition as me as the reason why I was not ovulating was due to my Underactive Thyroid.

Also I wasn’t getting my period regularly and I was overweight so the Dr advised me to take medication to regulate my period and to lose weight as this will help me with my chances of conceiving. I was advised that can start my IVF cycle at anytime but I should visit the hospital on my 2nd or 3rd day of my cycle.

I followed the advice of the Dr and I took the medication needed to regulate my period. Also when we were ready we got in contact with Aysan whom arranged our accommodation and our airport transfer. We were given several IVF packages prices and accommodation choices, but we choose to stay with IBIS Hotel which was only 10 minute from the Hospital, Aysan made the whole booking and arranging for our appointment very easy and as she and whole staff spoke English very well so it made communication fairly easy with the team.

I would highly recommend the IBIS Hotel, the hotel was very clean and comfortable, there were plenty of breakfast to choose from and the hotel staffs was very hospitable and accommodating.

We choose the 3 week option package as I thought it may take me longer to ovulate and plus we wanted to have a holiday at the same time so that we can relax and so that the treatment would not be stressful.

During the treatment I felt Dr Selman and his team looked after us very well, they always gave me feedback after every blood test and ultrasound scan and the Dr Selman and his team are very experienced and if the medication dosage wasn’t working they would adjust the dosage to achieve optimum result.

I felt throughout the whole process reassured if had any concern or question I could call Aysan anytime and the Dr always took time to treat me as an individual and hear my question and he gave me his undue attention. I didn’t just feel like a patient at a clinic but more special than that and the Dr and his team guided me throughout the whole process. I wasn’t alone in this journey.

At the end I had two successful embryos transferred and I got pregnant with 1 baby. I am now 5 months pregnant and everything is going extremely well. Considering this is my 1st IVF I am very lucky, but I believe with God’s help and the professional care and assistance I got with Dr Selman made this miracle happen for me. Words cannot describe how happy and fulfilled this pregnancy has been for both me and my husband, this baby is everything I longed for and it would finally complete our family.

If anyone is considering trying the IVF at Medicine International IVF; I would say go for it because you will not be disappointed with care and attention you will receive from them. I took a chance and it paid off and it’s the best decision I have every made.

Even now that I am back home in the UK and pregnant, Dr Selman and Aysan are still in contact with me they give advice and answer any question I still may have with regards to how the pregnancy is developing.

I have received 5 star care and assistance from this hospital and the team and I would advice any women with fertility issue please don’t hesitate to contact Dr Selman and best of luck.

From the bottom of my heart I would like to conclude this letter and say big thank you to Dr Selman and his team, words cannot describe how grateful I am to you and your team as you have made my wish come true and gave me hope that I didn’t have or thought was possible.

Baby is due in August 2015,

Many thanks J


Hello Dr this Sucdi one of your patient whom had a ivf. I just wanted to let you know that I had my daughter on 17th August 2015 and we are doing well.

I would like to try for another baby in 2 years time but I'll contact you near the time. tack care and have a nice day please keep up with the good work of helping people.
I just wanted to say thank you for everything.
Hello doctor thank you for making my dreams come true and for the excellent service I have received from your hospital. you made my dream come true with Allah help. I have referred a friend of mine to your clinic who needs help and I am happy to recommend you're hospital with anyone who has fertility problem.

Mrs Sucdi Jama and Mr Omar Mohammed

Originally from Somalia but live in the UK.


After a lot of hard research for the best place to get ivf done from , i ended up in turkey as it has the best results at a high percentage rate . Overall i had the best experiance ever, staff and doctors were so welcoming, friendly and caring . I wasn't worried at all as they would discuss each and every procedure to me in full detail . If i was worried about anything, someone was there to guide me through any questions. I didn't even feel the language barrier as they spoke English . I would recommend this hospital to everyone as i got the very best reults my self , I fell pregnant with the first go of ivf, i was very lucky . I gave birth at 42 wks to a very beautiful and healthy baby girl .

SP from UK

Dear Dr. Selman and Team,

We are happy that we found and selected Medicana for our one more try to do IVF. We tried to conceive in our country clinics during 9 years: it has been made many blood tests, laparoscopy, 6 IUI and one unsuccessful IVF. Two last years we did nothing because we lost the hope to have a baby.

First contact with Medicana was virtual - we found this clinic on Internet, we wrote the email given on a web site and Dr.Selman answered immediately in very nice manner. Later we send all our tests and procedures to doctor, he have studied our history and said that we can come any time on the 2-3th day of my cycle for the treatment.

When we were finishing our works at home, my cycle was very irregular and I wrote and asked some questions to dr. Selman and always got the answer in one day. Aysan suggested for us living places around the clinic and helped to book the living place, she organized our transfer from airport to hotel also. This was very helpful for people who were first time in Istanbul.

During our treatment we always compared our first IVF with the second one. We found only advantages, such us:

- visiting doctor and testing, making ultrasound every day, even these days were holidays in Turkey;

- high competence of doctors and very good distribution and sharing of functions between personal;

- individual approach to the situation, not using unified schemes for treatment;

- application of medications by nurses every time;

- full explanation and giving all information about the process;

- personal wards before each procedure;

- orientation to the quality of eggs, not for quantity;

- more drugs after puncture and embryo transfer;

- good technology and embryology.

In some words, Medicana's team got an embryo from one follicle, tranfered it and it still grows on :) Our earlier experience was no embryos from three follicles.

Doctors and all personal wanted to help us and to get a result - the pregnancy. This is very nice and highly professional.

Doctor Selman and Aysan keep in touch after the procedure, they are interested in results. Definitely we can recommend the clinic to other patients.

Thank You very much!

K.R. - Lithuania

Dear Dr Lacin & Team,

We are so pleased and happy to let you know that the entire ivf treatment that we did last month was a success as already communicated earlier.

The Expertise and the Support that we received from Medicana International Hospital (IVF Department) was outstanding- I must add and stress more that the entire procedure was stress free unlike what I had in my mind.

Dr Lacin is just one of the kindest people with a unique personality that I have come across he was always ready to answer questions asked and always on time for the examinations , gave us the encouragement to move on , I remember him saying ‘’ It looks promising don’t worry and here we are …..THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH DR.

Dr Aysun (Lacin Wife) - did the transfer wow always smiling and knew what she was doing great lady and made sure there was no pain at all.

Dr Mehmet Koc – Great person knew what he was doing and gave lots of encouragements. THUMBS UP & THANK YOU

The Nurses (particularly the ones who gave  hormone Suppression) jus lovely ladies explained everything in detail to Aysan  and were so kind to an extent of offering tea sometimes, really felt great ladies - Thank You.

The Embryologist Ms Kunt- We can’t thank you enough madam, She made sure to call us every other day for 3 days giving updates of how the lil angels were proceding. Great Person

Lady Aysan (Intl Coordinator) An asset she is, she’s one of those who doesn’t get tired answering phone calls, text messages and generally made our stay in Istanbul so easy and enjoyable, Beautiful lady inside and out, and on top of that she’s still in contact with us. Keep up the good job Aysan.

You are all wonderful people and are indeed a blessing from God.

We will never hesitate to refer any of our friends to Medicana who are eager to start a family soon.

We thank you all so Much

Will keep you abreast of the developments and greatest news.


Dear Dr Lacin

I trust you are well. 

May I take this opportunity to personally thank you, your wife Dr Aysun and the rest of your team for the excellent IVF treatment we have received last month. 

As you are now aware of the good news,we are still in regular contact with Aysan for which she has been exceptionally supportive. I cannot thank her enough for the support, help assurance we have and continue to have from her on the regular basis. 

I have attached a brief note letter to express our experience we have received during last months treatment, please do not hesitate to post this to the website and forward this note to the Board of Directors/Owners of Medicana and everyone who was involved and supported us through this. 

As I have stated briefly on the letter, I will try my very best and have no hesitation to refer anyone that comes across who are in need of your services, I will personally try and come and meet you in person at some point and I hope this can be arranged but in the mean time, I have a good connection of people and contacts across, Italy, Albania and here in United Kingdom and will be happy to refer anyone at your direction. 

Once again thank you very very much for everything you have done for us and I hope we can meet up soon. 

Please pass on our regards to your wife Dr Aysun and the rest of the team. 

Kindest Regards 

Luan  - U.K.


We'd like to thank medicana and to say to all the team who are working there that we are really grateful for all the support you guys gave us, we have received the best service that a hospital could give and thanks to Allah first and through your guys help we had our beautiful baby boy, so thumbs up and, keep it up.

M.A - Iraq


Devota and I are please to announce the arrival of our beautiful twin daughters.

Kyla & Kylee

Kyla was 49.5cm & 1.9kg at birth and Kylee was 43cm & 1.8kg at birth. 

We’d like to thank you both for helping us with this wonderful joy we have in our lives.

Devota & Gleen  - Tanzania



Our thanks and appreciation to all employees of the medical staff and administrative hospital Medicana for their medical services and psychological support during the period of our review of the hospital, which led to the introduction of joy and happiness to our family access to child dictates our lives and so God bless you

Dr.Raghad Jameel Abood & Dr.Mohammed Adil Ali -   Iraq              

Dear All Medicana IVF staff,
We thank you all for your professionalism, excellent performance, support and kindness.
We wish all your families health, happiness, peace and prosperity.
We have been gladly pleased with the IVF services in the Medicana hospital in Beylikduzu.
A big THANK YOU to Dr. Selman Lacin and his professional team.
Hope to give you good news in 2014
Regards & Thanks
Mohamed Taourta & Shynar Zhanikeyeva - Kazakhistan


ukGood afternoon Dr Lacin,

We are writing to let you know that on 14th August we had a beautiful baby boy. The delivery was a little difficult and had to have forceps to help bring him into the world!

His name is Solomon , was 7 pounds 10 and born at 6:01pm on 14/08/13

Thank you and your team so much for the excellent treatment and support offered during our time with you and could not be happier with our little boy.

Hope you are all well, 

Jessica and SimonUnited Kingdom



Hi i would like to come for the second baby ibshallah but wish for a girl plz let me know how much now and when is good season for summer but anael is doing well 8 month and two weeks we are very happy and proud of him and we thank your team 

Elizabeth- Tanzania




My name is Mrs. Tekle and I have been trying to conceive for the last four years. I became pregnant year and half a go but end up miscarrying after 29 week. 
My experience in a few fertility centers in U.S. is difficult one to say the list. Especially Shady Grove fertility center, It is all about money( have spent over $33,ooo).  I do sometimes feel like its a factory not a treatment center.  I thought for sure there would be others on here feel the same. I only saw my doctor once while I was on the treatment. Every time I went, I see nurse, Unlike my Doctor at Medicana international hospital in Istanbul, Dr. Selman. 
Dr. Selman  is my doctor  and his International Patient Coordinator Aysan and his nurses have been beyond phenomenal and my overall experience has been wonderful. 
Yes, Medicana fertility center is busy with many patient coming from all over the world, but when it is your time for the examination, they make you feel like you are the only patent in the hospital and walk you each step of they way. Very very attentive, they really take their time to answer any question you might have. The facility is clean and so convenient for transportation. And the fee for the treatment and medication is incomparable with U.S. I recommend Medican international fertility hospital for anyone who are eager to build a family.

S. TekleUSA 

I want to inform you that my husband and I arrived safely in Nigeria on saturday. Our plane was a bit late and we arrived in the night around 10.30pm.

I want to thank you for your kind assistance throughout our stay. Aysan really made us felt at home. We really appreciate it.

I also thank all the hospital staff especially Ozge. You are wonderful people and God will continue to bless you all.

I want to say a big THANK YOU to Dr. Lacin. He is the nicest person I have met. Greetings to his wife too, I would have loved to meet her also.

I will keep you abreast of development and the happy news.

S. ONigeria

Hello Aysan & Dr Selman we are please to announce that D. B. is pregnant with twins.
Attached is a copy of the ultrasound report and scan for your viewing and comment.

Once again thank you both so much for helping us achieve this wonderful gift. We will defiantly be referring all our friends and anyone who asks where to do IVF to Medicana.


G. B. Tanzania

 Dear Doctor Selman

We are pleased to let you know that Dr. Moroney confirmed today that one of the two embryos is successful. 
We are really grateful for your support and expertise. The service provided was so much better than the UK, in so many ways (regular nurse and doctor appointments, many blood tests and scans, good accommodation in a luxury location with a children park, general anaesthesia, hospital bed, small lunch, cheaper all inclusive price…)
We are grateful for all of your assistance. We will therefore post a little present from the UK to you.

  • Pierre really wanted a little sister. His mother tried many IVF cycles in the UK. Unfortunately, they all failed. She decided to go for a final attempt with Medicana in Turkey with a natural IVF cycle and a 5 day embryo selection. Thanks to Medicana's high care and expertise, this IVF cycle was successful first time around. Lily was born 3.2 kg, with blue eyes and brown hair. Pierre is now so happy to have a little sister.

Kind regards

Nelly - Isle of Man

Our IVF Story: After trying diffrent methods for almost 3 years,just 2 visits in 6 months to Medicana International Hospital in Istanbul Turkey got us Pregnant.

I came across Medicana International Hospital in Istanbul ,Turkey online. I was impressed with what I saw online of the hospital's infastracture and  IVF Unit,and the fact that English speaking Dr Selman Laçin  (who heads up the IVF Department), answerd all my email questions quickly and personally.After sending him my test results and scans along with my Husbands semen analysis and test results, he briefed us on the type of treatment and protocol I could undergo with them.My Husband and I liked the fact  that not only did Medicana offer a complete package that included airport transfers ,accommodation ,treatmet ,medication and cryptopreservation for 5 years,but also that Dr Selman Laçin and his staff were attentive to us even before we got there to Istanbul.This made a very good first impression on us.I was confident that this would be the hospital for us,and so we decided to trust in Medicana and Dr Selman Laçin and his staff for our 2nd IVF cycle.

We flew into Istanbul, and a very polite Medicana Hospital driver met us at the airport and took us straight to Medicana(which is on the European side of Istanbul),where the IVF Unit 's very lovely English speaking Patient Advisor(called Aysan Candaş ) was waiting for us at the Hospitals front entrance with a big welcoming smile!.(She had communicated with us also by email before we had arrived).She took us to see the IVF coordinator (called Gülden Çakır) ,and acted as the translator.Our Accommodation was sorted out within the hour.We were so very  impressed with the hospital.It is really big, really modern,is architecturally beautiful,has many different departments, is very high tech, and the staff all friendly and helpful.

We were also impressed and happy with our accommodation,and the fact that it was a stones throw from Medicana Hospital(physical view of the hospital).It literally was a 1 minute walk away, and so no additional time ,stress or transport costs were required. The flats(in Ekinos Residence in Beylikduzu ) have security on the ground floor, friendly residents, and is safe and spotless.Our flat was fully furnished to a high standard and had all the necessary appliances like fridge freezer,washing machine, stove ,cooking pots & plates,cutlary etc.Also within a minute walk of the flat is a well stocked large grocery store called Migros for your fresh food grocery shopping.Both the Hospital and the flats are in a great location,and not in the middle of nowhere.Surrounding the complex are many good restaurants serving great food, and local shopping centers,.Right opposite the hospital is the Pharmacy for buying any extra medication required.We were helped by the Patient Adviser Aysan Candas  (who gave us her mobile number in case we had any problems) with how and where to go find Turkcell(which is in a shopping centre 10minutes from Medicana) to buy a Turkish sim card and an internet dongle to set up our internet on our laptop.

I was scanned via ultrasound the same day I arrived at Medicana by a very warm and friendly English speaking gynecologist (called Mrs/DrAysun Guney Laçin, wife of Dr Selman Laçin).The next morning I met Head of Medicana's IVF Department Dr Selman Laçin and his colleague(called  Dr Mehmet Koç), and began my protocal.The IVF staff, from the lovely friendly ladies on reception,to the wonderful encouraging and understanding nursers (my favourite nurse is Nurse Derya Sivri,who I think has the best smile in the world, and also Nurse Meral Sarıoğlu Dündar ,I had good laughs with these wonderful ladies) ,the Embryologist (called Arife Kunt ) and the encouraging Dr's are so patient,kind attentive and caring.I was monitored very closley by Dr Selman Laçin,he scanned me  via ultrasound almost every day, as well me having bloods drawn every second day.The protocol was stress free and enjoyable.I underwent the IVF and lots of mature eggs were collected ,and many embrayos made it to Day 5 and were frozen via cryptopreservation.(I feel its important for me to add this :I had had a very stressful & unsuccessful IVF cycle in another country 11 months earlier, and with that,only a few eggs were collected and none made it to freezing.The fact that many mature eggs were collected,and many Day 5 Blasts were frozen for us, is testament to the skills of the  Dr's at Medicana.

Both before and after egg collection and on the day of fresh  embryo transfer, My Husband and I were given a  large private room in the hospital ,complete with bathroom(toilet and shower),comfortable adjustable electric bed,wide screen TV, phone line for within the hospital,and had refreshments and lunch.r I was ready after a 2 month period.

Though the  fresh cycle didn't work(I put it down to me making a decision to return to my  stressful job in the UK too soon(2 days after treatment),and without adequate rest.I was  advised  to take a break for a minimum of 2 months and come back for a Frozen embryo transfer whenever I was ready. Six months later I returned to Medicana for my frozen embrayo  transfer.It was a great expirence returning to the hospital and to all the familiar faces that had become friends at Medicana. On day four of my arrival, I had my FET transfer done by Mrs/Dr Laçin  ,and as always she was patient,kind and attentive. As before,it was stress free and I felt fully supported,Again,I  had my own private room before and after the procedure.This Frozen transfer was successful!!  Also this time, I made sure I went home to the UK and rested adequately and I no longer work in a stressful job environment. 

So  after almost 3 long heart breaking years of trying to conceive with diffrent methods, just 2 visits to Medicana International Hopital in Istanbul Turkey in 6 months got my Husband and I finally pregnant! I am so grateful to Dr Selman Laçin and all his staff , and we are  looking forward to a happy 8/9 months!. I highly recommend any couple  who is struggling to conceive to go and have treatment at Medicana International Hospital In Istanbul.We got good results in terms of my egg collection, fertilization and freezing , and also the most important -got a successful pregnancy result.You are also guaranteed  top quality attentive treatment and care both before and after your treatment.

Sally and Ben,London (UK)

Dear Mr Lacin
Thank you for contacting me. My little girl will be with us on 18th June with a c section as I had that with my little boy.
Our experience was amazing for the following reasons:

  • Accomodation provided in an amazing complex and location with a park for my 2 years old to play. Other children so friendly with him, lending him their toys
  • Taxi was really cheap from the accomodation to the hospital
  • Hospital fee was really cheap comparing to the UK for the amount of support and medication provided. A full procedure in the UK is 5000 gbp + flights + hotel accomodation + IOM hospital fees
  • A translator was always there with me at the hospital, which is really great
  • The expertise of the doctors and the staffs was amazing
  • After miscarring and failing attempts in the UK, finally your hospital gave me a little girl
  • The difference for me was massive: high care comparing to the UK, regular blood test and scans (many more than the UK), 5 days embryo selection instead of three days in the UK so much better results, after freezing the embryos a true selection when in the UK, they implant what they defreeze so only 10 % success rate for the same procedure

I am French living on the Isle of Man so my English is not perfect. I would 100% recommend your hospital. However, I would recommend to take the 3 week option there so that it is also a holiday. 
The bus from the hospital to Istanbul is direct and really cheap. We were able to have a little break there to visit during the 3 week period.
The medication after the surgery are provided for free by the IOM hospital. So there is no need to worry about extra costs.
I would recommend travelling with Turkish airlines. 
I would like to thank you again for your support and good quality work.

Nelly - U.K.




Adress: Beylikduzu Street No: 3 Beylikduzu / Istanbul / Turkey 
Phone: +90 212 867 79 38 Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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