Newer / Better Sperm Selection Methods

During ejaculation, millions of spermatozoa cells are released into the female reproductive tract and start going to the site of fertilization. However, only a few thousand spermatozoa can reach into the ampullary portion of the fallopian tubes, and only single spermatozoon will eventually fertilize the egg. At the end, only spermatozoa that are functionally normal should reach the potential site of fertilization in the fallopian tubes. As they pass along the female genital system, they are subjected to different natural selection mechanisms responsible for filtering out immature or damaged spermatozoa, at the same time as they are acquiring fertilizing ability.

With assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART), routine sperm preparation methods such as density gradient centrifugation (DGC) and swim-up are currently used as main components of the procedures. They are mainly based on sedimentation or migration techniques to separate spermatozoa. These routine techniques appear to be equally effective in selecting motile, morphologically normal sperm. However, other sperm characteristics such as apoptosis, DNA integrity, membrane maturation and ultrastructure are not directly targeted by these basic methods.

Considering the need to increase the fertilization rate and the pregnancy rate as well, advanced sperm selection techniques are increasingly being employed, most commonly in cycles utilising ICSI. Advanced sperm selection techniques are thought to improve the chance that structurally intact and mature sperm with high DNA integrity are selected for fertilisation.


Fertile Plus® is designed for sorting sperms which have better morphology, genetic and physiologic quality from other dead or immature sperms without using sperm damaging techniques, like centrifuge or mixing with pipette, in every assisted reproductive technology, andrology or embriyology laboratory.

We frequently use this method in our IVF lab for choosing the sperms especially for the male factor infertility cases and also when we have low number of eggs to obtain better results.


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