How will IVF treatment be in near future

ivf treatment future

The goal of all reproductive technologies is the live birth of a healthy singleton baby. To achieve this goal many clinical and laboratory techniques are being used today.

After the start of In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) treatments, it marked a real breakthrough in the field of infertility. At the beginning, IVF was only used to solve the tube (fallopian) problems. Since then, other related technologies such as Intra Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI), freezing and storage of the embryos, assisted hatching, sperm selection and preparation methods, genetic evaluation of the embryos before the transfer (PGS/PGD), and others have contributed greatly to fertility treatments.

Today, more recent implementation of advances in reproductive technologies such as blastocyst culture, single embryo transfer and genetic evaluation of all the chromosome structure of the baby are enabling physicians to achieve high live birth rates, lower multiple pregnancies and treat the most extreme cases of infertility. 
However, sometimes IVF trials may end up with failures repeatedly despite transfer of high-quality embryos. Investigations show us that the fact lying behind the failure of the IVF trial despite high quality embryo transfer, largely originates from the embryo itself. In other words, a very good-looking embryo may be genetically abnormal. The destiny of such an embryo will either be a failure of attachment or end up with a miscarriage. Single euploid (genetically normal) embryo transfer (SEET) possibly at the blastocyst stage to reduce multiple pregnancies, lowering the abnormal pregnancies and abortion rate, and cryopreserve with vitrification of the extra embryos gives us a great chance to be successful with the IVF treatment (1-3). 

As advanced fertility diagnosis and treatment technologies continue to develop, possibilities become realities. This will allow more patients to build the families. Despite all these technological advances,however, many who could benefit from these applications are not aware of them.Furthermore, many patients cannot afford treatments because they are not covered under their insurance plans.

So, the problem for many couples is only finding the right IVF Centre which will give the high success rate with the possible lowest cost. 

Medicana International Istanbul is now offering couples this opportunity. 
We have now the technology to evaluate all the embryos genetically with full CGH (comperative genetic hybridisation) method and check for all of 24 chromosomes of the embryo. This gives us excellent success rates with also lowering the miscarriage rates significantly.
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