I Had In-vitro fertilization Treatment But I Could Not Get Pregnant…

I Had In-vitro fertilization Treatment But I Could Not Get Pregnant…  What should I do? 

You have decided to have children to enlarge your family and stiffen your happiness and started to try on this matter.  6 months, one, two years…no result…You have visited a physician whom you heard that she/he is an expert on the field…examinations, tests, radiological examinations, follow-ups…no solid findings and no result are obtained.  You asked “What will happen now?” and your physician suggested “insemination” at first step; your physician told you to try “once or twice”…You accepted, drugs, injections, insemination, waiting with hope…result; negative again.  
You say OK and decide to have in-vitro fertilization and refer to a famous center… 
Injections, drugs, ovum collection, transfer processes and hopeful waiting period starts… You wish to obtain pregnancy at this time.

Result: Negative, disappointment, anger and tension again…

You have many questions straining your mind… Is there any mistake done at some stage? Is there anything missed?  Should we refer to another center?  However, they recognize us, should we try in the same center?  We have lost much money as well.  Will they request same amount for the procedure again? etc., etc. 

It is natural that when pregnancy does not occur spontaneously, couples start a journey through in-vitro fertilization and microinjection treatments by hope to be assisted by advanced technology.  However, disappointment is much if no result is obtained form such treatment.  Of course chance of each couple is specific for them.  Some will obtain good results eventually if they have more embryos frozen during ivf treatment.  Because, it is known that couples who are not at advanced age have a chance to obtain pregnancy up to 85% after first 3 procedures.  However, if age of the lady is over 40 years, embryo may be obtained difficultly unless high dose drugs, this means the process is difficult.  
It should be said first that couples with high pregnancy chance must continue on their treatments.  According to the researches, 30 to 35% of the couples who could not achieve pregnancy during their first treatment do not continue on in-vitro fertilization due to financial problems or psychological stress.  So, many couples who may obtain a positive result from the treatment are condemned to have a childless life if no spontaneous surprise appears.  
First, review of all details of the treatment with your physician and manifestation and correction of a problem if any and then preparation of conditions for retry. 

The first application in in-vitro fertilization provides important information for further treatment of female and male problems.  Kinds of the drugs used, their doses, response of ovaries to these drugs, ratio of fertilization of ovum by sperm, embryo quality and count, easiness and difficulty of transfer and concentration of the couple onto the treatment will be used for further treatment.  Strategy changes done according to the date will absolutely increase the achievement rate. 

You should assess subjects such as genetic researches, evaluation of immune system, uterus film, assessment of intrauterine structure by a camera, biopsy from intrauterine membrane, co-culture of intrauterine tissue, selection of sperms by enlarging 6000 times with a special microscope for microinjection, pregnancy vaccination if they are deemed necessary by your physician with her/him in detail. 

In summary, you should go on… You should know that couples who try without loosing hope, will reach their desire and have their babies. 

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