What is IMSI? To Whom Should it be Applied?

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Intracytoplasmic Morphologic Sperm Injection (IMSI) technique has been developed by Benjamin Baartoy in 2004.  The purpose for this technique is to select best quality sperms and obtain a high fertilization ratio after microinjection.  High quality sperm and ovum will affect embryo development and increase pregnancy rate. 

Some sperm abnormalities may be defined with normal microscopes with approximate 400 to 600 zoom.  These microscopes are used in microinjection (ICSI) technique; sperm selection is performed via a microscope with 6000 enlargement lens system in IMSI technique.  So, any abnormality which may exist in the sperm and can not be seen with a normal microscope may be detected and this technique allows selection of normal sperms.  In case of an abnormality called Vacuole on sperm head which is not detected by normal microscope, DNA carrying the genetic information may be damaged, this may cause abnormal embryo development.  IMSI reduces the risk to place sperms with damaged DNA into the ovum. 

In which patients groups is IMSI recommended? 

  • Men over 35 years
  • Patients with abnormal sperms detected in the sperm test 
  • Patients whom well qualified embryo can not be obtained in previous applications unless well ovum quality.
  • Those who have unsuccessful treatment history
  • Those who have miscarriage history in previous pregnancies
  • IMSI technique may be applied for ladies with less ova to increase fertilization ratio. In recent studies, better embryo development, higher pregnancy rates and less pregnancy losses have been detected by using sperms selected by IMSI technique.  (Antinori et al, 2008; Bartoov et al, 2002)

Since IMSI technique requires trained laboratory staff and expensive lens system, it is an expensive procedure; however an additional fee is requested in our center and used for all necessary patient groups. 

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