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Mini-IVF bases on using drugs with lower doses and development of less, but more qualified ovum. After removal of developed ovum, fertilization is provided by microinjection technique. Possibility of penetration of the embryos appeared after fertilization is higher and they are transferred into the patient. Actually, the difference in the treatment is the method for ovum...

Treatment of infertility can be a frustrating and emotionally challenging experience. While trying to get pregnant, you may have received many advices from your gynaecologist, had x-ray for patency of your tubes, your husband has had his semen sample checked by a urologist, blood tests for hormones and even laparoscopy and hysteroscopy, etc.. Diagnosing what...

As is known, the first approach for couples who do not have any evincible problem, in other words, were diagnosed with idiopathic infertility is intrauterine insemination for several times and then in-vitro fertilization treatments if no pregnancy occurs. The regulation to issue an In-vitro Fertilization Treatment Report in our country stipulates to perform intrauterine insemination...


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